About Me

For over a half of a decade, Julian J. Peeples has strived to create images that captivate and inspire. PeeplesPhoto has always had one mission….. to create not only great photos, but a memorable experience.  Julian graduated from the New York Film Academy, attending both a Photography and a Film Conservatory.  


Each model that works with Julian recieves step-by-step advice on posing and posture, if needed, and if not, models are given the opportunity to express themselves as they wish. Booking a shoot with PeeplesPhoto is a great way to start, or enhance your portfolio with powerful, one of a kind imagery.

Message from Photographer:

I have often been asked, "What is the biggest benefit of shooting with Peeples Photo?"

And to be honest, my response is all ways the same..... "I will only promise that for each shoot, I well pour my creativity into it with everything that I have. I have truly always appreciated the ability to work with so many great people, from so many different walks of life..

For me, it is all about the opportunity to create new designs and inspire the minds of the models and dancers, as it pertains to fashion and imagery, I want them to be excited about the shoots, as much as they are focused on the outcome.

There is no one biggest benefit to working with Peeples Photo, the benefit is in the process of creating the work itself, and seeing the vision come to life. 

Everyone who works with Peeples Photo is photographed in one of a kind wardrobe, created by the photographer, and I promise to always be innovative, creative, and consistent."

Thank You